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We are a Health & Wellness on-line boutique focusing on the overall wellbeing of the body, enhancing a healthy life span and living quality years while enjoying a happy life.

Founded by husband and wife Patrick and Lorraine, we ourselves have been a couple for over twenty five years. Living and running our retail business in London for fifteen years we returned to our home village of Newbliss some ten years ago where we have now set up our Health and Wellbeing Store.

Based on the border of Ireland and Northern Ireland we are conveniently located to supply all of Ireland and the UK.

We believe there is no magic diet, you are what you eat. Healthy food should be as natural as possible, not processed and no junk food, a varied diet, basically every kind of bean, Berries fresh or dried, Fruit and Vegetables, salad leaves, Flaxseeds, Nuts, Seeds and whole grains, water, Tea, herbal teas, coffee and of course exercise.

You won’t find thousands of bewildering Herb and Vitamin products, what you will find are 100% Pure Herbal products that have be used for thousands of years by either Chinese, Ayurvedic or Irish Holistic Herbalists. We care about. What we sell, How we pack, How we recycle, What our products are made from. Who, How, and Where they are made. And eventually at the end of their day How they can be disposed of.

Close to our hearts is our impact on nature, the environment and the wild life that surround our home and business. We have personally created a wild flower meadow and each year continue to plant native trees, hedgerows, fruits and berries to preserve and build on the wildlife habitat that has existed here for over one hundred and fifty years.

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Thank you for visiting and we hope the information on our site is helpful and gives a better understanding of Alternative Health and the benefits.

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